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About 3 weeks ago we added a new member to our family.  Meet Nala, our now 10 week old golden doodle puppy (she is 7 weeks in the following pictures). We named her Nala, from the movie Lion King.  Nala has several meanings one of which is successor, queen.  Nala looked a bit like a lion cub when we got her.  She also loved to lay in the tall grass and pounce in the flower beds.  So Nala seemed like the perfect name.  Little did I know that she was also a bit sassy and whiney when she doesn’t get her way.  A bit of a drama queen, I suppose:)We have had a lot of fun already playing with and loving on our adorable little pup.  It’s been a while since we had a newborn so to speak in our home.  I think we have managed our way through the sleepless nights of crate training.  Our home has been puppy proofed and we continue to work on potty training with trips outside every hour!  Puppies sure are lot of work, thank goodness they are a lot like newborns and sleep a lot too. My daughter Claire and I decided to take advantage of all these rainy days we have been having and played a little in my studio while Nala was extra sleepy.  I guess you could say we did a little newborn session of our own.  Love her!   goldendoodlepuppy_marciyochumphoto_9855goldendoodlepuppy_marciyochumphoto_9980goldendoodlepuppy_marciyochumphoto_9987puppygoldendoodle_marciyochumphoto_0206puppyinabowl_marciyochumphoto_0187puppynose_marciyochumphoto_0125puppyphoto_marciyochumphoto_0060puppyprincess_marciyochumphoto_9966sleepingpuppycrown_marciyochumphoto_0007

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It’s official.  I am now accepting applications for 2015 Senior Models.  Senior models will receive exclusive offers,  potential to win cash prizes, and have a ton of fun doing so. Please email me at for more information or complete the Senior Model Application tab at top of my blog if you are interested.    Senior_model_westfield_indiana

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Wow, has it really been that long since my last post?  Well, to say I’ve been a little busy would be an understatement!  Moving to Indiana, living in an apartment for 8 months while building our new home, adjusting the kids to the moving (not once but twice), packing all our things in storage as if we would be in an apartment for only 6 weeks (not my best idea), was more challenging than expected, not to mention some new challenges we faced with school and the building of our home.  In spite of all of that we are happy to be back in Indiana surrounded by family, meeting new friends and neighbors and loving our life (although crazy at times).

After being in business for seven years, I am once again starting my business over in a new market.  I am looking forward to beginning again.

So with that being said.  Fall is family photo time!   This will be my first holiday season since moving back to Indiana. As an introductory offer, I am including a set of 25 custom holiday cards with each session completed during the month of October.

I am also announcing my limited edition holiday mini sessions.  See details below:

Holiday Mini Sessions

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It’s been a while since my last post but I am still here.  Well actually, I am not in here as in New Jersey anymore but have made our move to Indiana.  Yesterday was almost 70 degrees in Indiana and today it’s 35 and snowing!!  Makes me want to curl up on the couch and just watch it snow.  However, I am finally unpacking today and getting caught up on all the editing this time of year brings.  The weather yesterday so reminded me of being at the shore with the warm yet breezy air.  Thinking of New Jersey today and wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

This little family session was photographed at the Jersey shore this past September.  During our session planning, Mom mentioned that this little 4 year old loved “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” so I decided to style their session with a little pirate theme.  We had tons of fun scouting ships on the horizon, looking for buried treasure and waving our white flag!





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  • March 14, 2013 - 10:19 am

    Baby Photography London - Wonderful pictures! I love the mood you captured.
    Congratulations on the great artwork!

Well it’s official.  Marci Yochum Photography is moving!

I will be relocating to Indianapolis, Indiana later this fall with my husband’s company.  It didn’t exactly hit me until I heard someone actually say it.  When I told them we were moving they said, “oh, so you are going “home”.   Home…yes we are …going home!  My husband and I both grew up in the Indianapolis area and have not been back in 12 years.  This will be the first time that we will even live in the same state as our families.  Now having said that it is a also bittersweet opportunity for us.  I am very excited to be able to live closer to my family and have my children grow up with their cousins and grandparents in their lives, it is also never easy to say goodbye and make such a big change.

I have met some wonderful people and have enjoyed photographing and getting to know my client’s families over the past 3 1/2 years. It is such a joy to get to see them each year as I do with most of my clients and to watch how their family has grown. Not to mention New Jersey is a photographer’s playground! I will miss the rolling hills, the rustic barns, horse farms, antiques, NYC, the beach and the beautiful landscape that NJ has to offer. I will miss my clients too.

I will be offering sessions through October 28th. In effort to squeeze all my clients in this fall I am also offering “anytime mini sessions”. In the past, my fall mini sessions were offered on a given day and time at a specific location chosen by me. This year you pick the day and location that works best for your family. Together we will create and style a session that is unique to your family. If you are interested in a full session, mini session or beach session please call me for details and to reserve your day.

Oh and because I can’t post without a picture here is one of my daughter that I took at my school playground on a recent trip back to Indiana.

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  • September 12, 2012 - 3:25 pm

    Leanne - Looks like Swinford Park?? Welcome back to IN (soon).

  • September 28, 2012 - 9:39 am

    Regina Yearout - Just read this post….does this mean you might make it to Cincinnati for to do any sessions?!?!?!? :-)

    Congrats on coming home!